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Fried Rice




This is the first dish I learned to make on my own.  The recipe called to put the egg in the rice but it didn’t say anything about cooking the egg first.  So I put raw egg in the rice mixture and watched it turn into a gloopy mess.  It was still good though.  I’ve since learned some high-level techniques ( I scramble the eggs BEFORE putting them in the rice) so everything runs a bit smoother. 


People love this dish and it is so easy I don’t even bother telling them how easy it is.  But I’m telling you and you should go make this to have in your fridge during the week for something quick and nutritious.


I only use probable 2 cups of rice to this amount of veggies just to keep the carbs down and it makes for a great side dish or a main dish on its own.  You can add whatever vegetables you want and increase anything however much you want.  You can’t go wrong with this.


What You Will Need:

3 -4         c.             Cooked White or Brown Rice (Preferably Cold)

2              TB           Oil

1                             Onion (chopped)

2-3          cl.           Garlic (Minced)

3                            Carrots (sliced diagonally)

1              c.           Peas or Snow Peas

1             TB          Soy Sauce

1 ½         tsp.        Sesame Oil

3-4         eggs       Scrambled


What You Do:

1. Heat a Wok or skillet with Oil

2. Saute the Onion about 5 min.

3.  Throw in the Carrots, Garlic, Peas and sauté 7-8 minutes

4.  Toss in the Rice and Egg

5.   Add the Soy Sauce and Sesame Oil and toss around a bit




Luigi’s Italian Sausage

Meat - Pork - Italian Sausage 2013-07-20 (8)



What You Need:

1          lb.        Sausage

2          tsp.      Red Pepper

2          tsp.      Fennell Seed

½         tsp.      Granulated Garlic

¼          tsp       Black Pepper

½         tsp.      Ground Oregano


What You Do:

1.  Put the Sausage in a hot pan and chop with spoon

2.  Add the seasonings and keep chopping.

3.  Get it nice and brown by turning up the heat if you need to.


That’s it!  Now you can:

·         Mix it with your eggs

·         Mix it with veggies for breakfast

·         Stuff a pepper with it and some rice and toms

·         Sprinkle it on a salad

Roasted Vegetables



What You Need:

1          medium           onion
1          medium           carrot
1                                  zucchini
1                                  eggplant
2          small               potatoes
5          small               tomatoes
1                                  red or yellow pepper
2          cloves              garlic
Salt and pepper to taste
Dried herbs (sage, thyme, rosemary, wild fennel are all good choices – either individually or combined in some form)
4 to 5 tablespoons of olive oil, plus more to taste


You can use any vegetables you want:  Mushrooms, Grape Tomatoes, Green Beans – whatever you have on hand.  This is an easy dish so don’t over complicate it.



What You Do:

1. Preheat the oven to 375 F.

2. Dice all the vegetables into pieces that are approx. the same size.

3. Pile the vegetables into a baking dish so that the vegetables lie a few

inches thick.

4. Season with salt, pepper and herbs to taste and then pour the olive oil over the vegetables.

5. Mix thoroughly but gently making sure oil and seasonings are distributed evenly

6. Put the dish in the oven and cook for 45 minutes to an hour.

7. Halfway through the cooking process, remove the dish from the oven and very gently stir.

8. Towards the end of the cooking process, stir a second time.

9. Remove from the oven and let cool slightly. Check for seasoning and serve.

French Fry Salad!

That’s right!  French Fry Salad.  It is great too.  Just take some french fries, put them on a plate, cover them with lettuce, tomatoes, black olives, cucumbers, onions and feta cheese.  Drown the whole thing in Greek Dressing (Here’s the recipe My Homemade Greek Dressing ).  Easy as can be and you’ll roll around on the floor when you are done because it is JUST THAT GOOD.

2013-08-25 18.42.112013-08-25 18.42.18

Another Day With Chicken

So I Spatch-Cocked my chicken last night.  I know, right?

From Wikipedia, “

A spatchcock, otherwise known as “spattlecock”, is poultry or game that has been prepared for roasting or grilling by removing the backbone and sternum of the bird and flattening it out before cooking.[1] The preparation of a bird in such a manner for cooking may also be known as butterflying the bird. The term “spatchcock” is used when the backbone is removed, whether or not the sternum is removed. Removing the sternum allows the bird to be flattened more fully.

“Spatchcock” is also the traditional word for a juvenile chicken (in French, a “poussin”). Poussins or Spatchcocks were generally butterflied in preparation for faster cooking, hence in modern English the word has come to refer to both the bird and the manner in which it was traditionally prepared.”

Saw how to do it on Witty in the City and thought I ‘d try it myself.  It was verySpatchcocked Chicken (2) easy, looked great in the pan and tasted even better.  The bones on the chicken were easy to cut through and the whole prep time was about 15 min. 

*Pre-heat oven to 450 degrees*

Here’s what you need:
1. One whole Chicken
2. Veggies of your choice (really should include onions though)
3. Olive Oil, Salt, Pepper and whatever spices you want
4. Cast Iron Skillet (or just a pan to roast it in)

Here’s what you do:
1. Cut the backbone out of the chicken and lay it flat in the pan
2. Cut up the veggies and sprinkle them around the chicken
3. Drizzle the veggies with oil
4. Put S&P and spices on chicken and veggies.
5. Put it in the oven for 45 min.
6. Attack the chicken immediately out of the oven1!  It will be
      tender and juicy with crisp skin.

Spatchcocked Chicken (3)

French Market Meatloaf


I forget where this recipe comes from but it is not mine.  I like it a lot though and thought if would be a great way for someone to learn to make a really good meatloaf.  Usually I just throw the ingredients together but that is only because I’ve been cooking meatloaf for many, many years.  The oats can be omitted and it will be fine.  I used organic, grain-fed, free-range beef so it was pretty dense but not in a bad way at all.  We watch for the organic meats to go on sale then we snatch them up and freeze them for use at a later time.  This is an easy recipe that anyone can make and will impress both friend and foe.

 Farmhouse Meatloaf (2)

Turn oven to 375°


What you need (part 1):

1 med. Onion diced

1  Green Pepper – diced

2 cl. Garlic

2 t. salt

1 t. pepper

½ t thyme

½ t oregano


What you need (part 2):Farmhouse Meatloaf (3)

2 lb. Ground Beef

½ c. beef broth

½ c. tomato sauce

¼ c. oats

1 egg – beaten


What you do:


1. Cook the vegetables on med. High for 10 min.

2. Add the vegetables to the part 2 stuff and mix all together

3. Form a loaf on a foil-lined sheet

4. Bake for 50 min.


Here is a more organized way of looking at it:


1 med. Onion – diced

1 Green Pepper – diced

2 cl. Garlic

2 tsp. salt

1 tsp. Black Pepper

½ tsp. Thyme

½ tsp. Oregano


Cook on medium high for 10 min.

2 lbs. Ground Beef

½ c. Beef Broth

½ c. Tomato Sauce

¼ c. Breadcrumbs

1 egg- – beaten




Mix together then add vegetables and mix

Form into a loaf on a foil-lined sheet

Bake at 375° for 50 min.

 Farmhouse Meatloaf (4)

Ridiculously Easy and Great Roasted Chicken

Meat - Roasted Chicken (2)I don’t usually roast my meats except for Pot Roast but I’m making Tortilla Soup and needed some chicken to put in it.  When Beth was at the store she picked up some bone-in breasts and some leg quarters.  At first I wasn’t sure how I was going to make them but then I thought I’d get over my own lack of knowledge of roasting chicken.  So I looked up some recipes which gave me different times and different temperatures with lots of different ingredients.  Well, I just wanted the chicken so here is what I did and you can do it too and it is really easy for how moist the chicken is and crispy the skin gets.

*Preheat oven to 425°


What you need:

Chicken parts

Salt and Pepper


What you do:

1. Trim the excess fat from the chicken pieces

2. Put salt and pepper under the skin then sprinkle the outside liberally with salt

3. Bake for exactly 1 hr for big pieces like I had.  45 min. for smaller pieces.


Voila!  You have moist easy chicken to serve on salads or with vegetables.


Meat - Roasted Chicken (1)

For a Whole Chicken:

Oven at 350 Degrees
Bake 1 hr for 1st 3 lbs, 15 min. for each additional lb.