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Our Favorite Pancakes

I’ve made these pancakes for my kids since they were little.  I originated this recipe at The Rocktown Cafe in Harrisonburg Va. back in 1991.  Whenever one of the girls’ friends come over for the night they always ask for these the next morning.  So here it is:



1 c. milk

1 T. Baking Powder

1 t. salt


1 c. flour (use different kinds)

1     egg

3 T. maple syrup


1. Heat frying pan on the stove to medium high

2. Mix the wet

3. Mix the dry

4. Mix the dry into the wet stirring as little as possible

5. Let sit until it settles ( about 5 minutes)

6. Heat some oil in the pan

7. Pour the batter in and flip when bubbles disappear.

Enjoy them!