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Great Thai Restaurant!



We got a flyer in the mail today for Thai Tasty, a new Thai restaurant that is about 4 minutes from our house in a small shopping center that is not as highly trafficked as … well, the highly trafficked ones.




The flyer looked a little dubious and chain-like but since it was so close we decided to give it a try and we are glad we did!


It’s a young, 24-year-old guy who owns it with his mom and he says it is their recipes.




We got the Tofu in Peanut Sauce and the Green Curry and we were really impressed.  The flavors were spot on and not over-seasoned.  It didn’t feel too rich, the food really spoke for itself. 


I cant’ wait to go back and try EVERY other dish on the menu!




Taqueria Truck in Jackson, Mississippi

We were driving home the other day and my wife asked me if I knew about the Taqueria Truck right off of Ridgewood Rd.  I had not so she pointed it out to me and we figured we would have to try it someday.  Well, today she was working on painting a bed frame and was busy and I was working on doing as little as possible so neither of us had time to put lunch together.

Let’s try the Taqueria Truck!

She had to go to Home Depot to get some more paint and I had to lay down and rest so we figured she could pick something up on the way back.  And she did. 

I should have taken a picture of the food but I wasn’t thinking I would blog about it but Jackson has some really neat parts to it so I decided to write a blurb about it.  Turns out, she took some pictures so they are below.

2013-11-09 Taqueria Food Truck (2)

The food was fresh and it was good.  Their guacamole had some ingredient that I don’t use and I couldn’t pinpoint it but it was really good and that is the only point as far as I am concerned.   The salsa was fresh.  We had a chicken,  a pork and a beef taco and all three was very good.  We liked them but we thought the meat could have be seasoned a little better to stand up to the crema and red sauce that was layered on top of the lettuce and onions.  All in all it was a nice lunch and authentic Mexican cooking.

2013-11-09 Taqueria Food Truck (1)