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Allergy-Free Diet


We started this allergy-free diet back in January.  We eliminated a lot of stuff to see if we have any sensitivities to any foods.  I thought it was going to be hard but it has turned out o be fairly easy to do.  When I tell people that we have eliminated these foods they can’t imagine what it is that we are able to eat since it seems like we have eliminated – everything.  Here’s what we gave up:








We also haven’t been eating shellfish but we don’t anyway.

Now I know that sounds like a lot but we found some neat replacements and some things I just don’t miss.  The idea is to go completely free of all of them for three weeks then add the gluten back one week, soy the next, dairy the next and eggs the next.  Corn, sugar and peanuts should only be eaten sparingly.

The only thing I have a reaction to is the dairy and specifically to milk.  I don’t drink milk any way so that’s an easy one.  I’ve also noticed that I get more bloated when I eat gluten but I don’t have a severe reaction to it.

I’m finding that I’m eating mostly whole foods which I pretty much did any way.