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Man vs. Garage

When I lived in Atlanta I had a great garage.  It was big, I mean, really big.  You could turn a car around in it!  There was room to keep all the yard and garden supplies, the kids’ outdoor stuff, park a car, an entire woodshop and an area of shelving for house stuff and beer-making supplies.  It was my happy place.  I wish I had a picture of it but I don’t think I do.

Now I live in Jackson Mississippi.  I’ve been in the same house for 13 years.  The garage has never been my happy place.  Or a happy place at all.  It has been full of stuff since we’ve been here but at times we’ve been able to park a car in it but that isn’t the case now.  But it’s getting better now and I think a plan is formulating.  See, the problem is, we have this salsa business where I make the salsa and sell it at http://www.maxsoriginal.com (shameless plug) and all of the stuff is in our storage unit that is attached to the garage.  So it’s not really our fault and we can’t be blamed for the sheer volume of stuff out there.

Don’t get me wrong, we are not hoarders.  As a matter of fact I have taken so much stuff to local charities that, the last time I took a carload of stuff to Stewpot, the woman asked me what we could possibly still have at our house since I had already brought her a houseful of stuff and she didn’t know what we could possibly have left.


So, I got some shelves.


Now it’s time to organize.  All the stuff I’m going to get rid of is over on a table except for the giant wardrobes I’m getting rid of.



So now that the stuff is out of the wardrobes and sorted through, I need to get the stuff on my new shelves.



Now my garage is more manageable.



Still looks like a mess but it is much more manageable.

Man has done well in his garage but I feel that he has not won the war, just the battle.  The garage will be back another day I’m sure.