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Tuna Salad

Tuna Salad

Salad - Tuna Salad - 640

What You Will Need:
3 cans Tuna
3 ribs Celery
3 Hard-Boiled Eggs
½+ cup Mayonnaise
6 TB Sweet Relish (less for less sweet)
½ tsp Granulated Garlic
½ tsp Salt
¼ tsp Black Pepper

What You Do:
1. Drain the cans of Tuna
2. Slice and chop the eggs
3. Cut the Celery into little slices or chop into pieces
4. Mix Everything together with a fork.
5. Adjust seasonings as needed

This falls under the category of “Things You Should Be Able to Make”. Tuna salad is a staple we’ve all had all our lives but a lot of people don’t make it anymore yet it’s so easy and gratifying to do. This, of course, is just my basic recipe. You might have to add a little more mayonnaise but this is the standard Tuna Salad.

Once you’ve made it a couple of times you can change it up by adding anything that sounds really good to you. Experiment and have fun.


Buttery Cabbage


I found this one day before I started this blog and didn’t know where I got it but if I just look at the picture I can see that it came from Mr. Food.  So just looking one day and decided to keep this and tonight was the first time I tried it and man! was it ever good.  You will like it for sure and it’s really easy.

What You’ll Need:

¼             lb.            bacon

1           med.     head cabbage, coarsely chopped

½             c.            Chopped Onion

½             c.            Frozen peas

¼             c.             (1/2 stick) butter

1           tsp.       Salt

¼          tsp        Black pepper



What You Do:

1.  In a large pot, cook bacon over medium-high heat until crisp.

2.  Remove bacon from pot, let cool, then crumble and set aside.
3.  Add remaining ingredients to the pot. Reduce heat to low, cover, and

          cook 20 to 25 minutes, or until cabbage is tender, stirring frequently.
4.  Sprinkle with crumbled bacon, toss, and serve.



It’s very easy and delicious.  We’re adding it to our family cookbook.

Shepherd’s Pie

Meat - Beef - Shepherds Pie (2)

I never liked the Shepherd’s Pie that came from my elementary school cafeteria, it was basically mashed potatoes infused with mealy ground beef that got stuck in your teeth.  So I thought that was what Shepherd’s Pie was and never wanted to see it again in my life.

Luckily, my wife ran across this recipe, modified it and made it.  It is Dee-lish-shus!  This dish will go in your rotation I promise.   


 Meat - Beef - Shepherds Pie (5)

What You’ll Need:

1½          lbs          Ground Beef

1              c.            Onion (Chopped)

4              oz.          Mushrooms (Sliced)

1              cl.           Garlic (Minced)

1              c.            Peas – thawed

1              cube      Beef Boullion

½             tsp.        Salt

½             tsp.        Thyme

¼             tsp.        Pepper

1              TB          Flour

1              can        Diced Tomatoes (14.5oz)

1                            Bay Leaf

2              T.           Red Wine Vinegar

4              c.           Mashed Potatoes ( Go here for this recipe)



What You Do:

1. Brown Beef.  Remove from skillet.  Reserver 2 T. of juice.  Reduce to Med.

2. Sautee onions, mushrooms, garlic in pan 10-11 min.

3. Stir in GB, peas, bouillion, salt, thyme and pepper

4. Sprinkle flour over mixture.  Increase to Med. High. Cook 1 min.

5. Stir in tomatoes, bay leaf and vinegar.  Red. Heat to med.  Stir 3 min. until slightly thickened

6. Remove bay leaf

7. Transfer to lightly greased baking dish.  3 qut.

8.  Spoon potatoes over meat mixture.  Smooth with back of spoon.

9.  Bake at 400 for 15 min. Cool for 5 min.



Meat - Beef - Shepherds Pie (5)












Salmon Cakes



This is a gotta-have recipe.  If you make this for your family or friends they will think you are the bomb.com.  Provided they like fish of course.  We just had this tonight and I’m glad she made a lot because I kept going back for more.  The fresh salmon is great but you could use 2 cans of big canned salmon if that’s easier and quicker.  The Rice Chex breading really made this crunchy and added a nice alternative flavor.  The Flax Meal is definitely optional but we always have some on had so she threw it in.  The cakes were very clean tasting and the recipe is simple enough that anyone could make this without a fear of failure.  My wife doesn’t use a recipe because she’s made them so much but this is the approximate values.  After you make it twice, you’ll be able to improvise and add stuff you want like maybe some Dill, minced onion, lime juice, parsley or whatever!  Have fun with this and go make it right now for someone.


16        oz         Fresh, Cooked Salmon

1          c.         Crushed up Rice Chex

1                      Egg

2          TB        Lemon Juice (1/2 a lemon)

2          TB        Mayonnaise

2          TB        Flax Meal (optional)

1          tsp.      Dijon (or other mustard)

                        Salt and Pepper


You’ll also need 1 cup of Crushed up Rice Chex for the “breading”


1.  Heat a large skillet on the stove with some oil over med. heat

2.  Take ¼ cup fish and make into a cake

3.  Cover in Rice Chex “breading”

4.  Cook in skillet 4 – 5 minutes on each side


We served it with lemon and some of Beth’s homemade Remoulade Sauce.










Homemade French Fries


Ok, so I know this is going to sound too simple, but, a lot of people don’t know that they can make great tasting French fries at home.  You can make them super healthy or do ‘em up in some oil, whichever way you do it, they are going to be great.

1.  First, get some potatoes (usually one per person) and wash  them.  If you don’t like the skin you can peel them but I prefer the skin on.

2.  Boil these cut potatoes for about 10 minutes or a little less

3.  Now cut the potatoes in whatever shape you want.

4.  Heat a deep-sided frying pan to medium-high heat.

5.  Add about 1/4 inch of oil and let get hot.

6.  Put your potatoes in and let them brown on each side

7.  Drain, Salt, Repeat.


Easy Chicken Pasta





My wife is a fantastic cook and she proved it with this dish the other

night.  She looked in the fridge and saw the pasta, the rotisserie chicken,

the pepper and wondered what she could do.  Inspiration hit and this

recipe is what came out.  The dish is delicious and easy.  I was able to take it to work for lunch a couple of times. 


Don’t pay so much attention to the amounts in the recipe, you can put

in anything you want but this basic method will turn out a really good



What You Will Need:

                        Cooked Pasta – as much as you want

2          TB       Butter or Oil

1                      Onion (chopped)

1                      Pepper (chopped) (green or red)

1          tsp.      Garlic (minced – I use jarred garlic)

2          TB       Flour or Cornstarch

1          c.         Chicken Broth

1          c.         Milk

1          c.         Green Peas

2-3      c.         Cooked Chicken

                        Salt and Pepper

1 ½      c.         Cheese – shredded


What You Do:

1.  Sauté the Onion and Pepper in Butter or Oil about 10 min.

2.  Add the garlic and sauté about 2 more minutes

3.  Add The flour and mix around – about 3 min.

4.  Add the Broth slowly while stirring

5.  Add the Milk slowly while stirring

6.  Add the Peas and Chicken and mix a bit

7.  Mix all of that with ½ the cheese and put in casserole dish

8.  Put the rest of the cheese on top

9.  Bake for 30 -40 min. at 350°

Egg Salad

That’s right.  Just regular egg salad but now you’re gonna know how to make it.  And it’ll be good too.



This is a staple salad that everyone (who likes eggs) should be able to make.

It is an easy and versatile salad that you can change up however you want, for instance, I put olives in my egg salad but you don’t have to. 


The thing to remember when you are making an egg, potato, ham, or whatever wet salad is that you mix the dressing first so that all the ingredients are evenly distributed when you mix the dressing and the solid ingredients.


What You Will Need:

10                    Eggs

½         c.         Green Sliced Olives

½         c.         Mayo

1          TB       Mustard

2          TB       Dill Pickle Relish (More or Less)

½         tsp.      Garlic

½         tsp.      Dill

¼         tsp.      Salt

¼         tsp.      Pepper


What You Do:


1.  Boil the Eggs using my foolproof (almost) method

2.  Slice or Chop the Eggs



3.  Put Eggs and Olives in a mixing bowl



4.  Mix the Mayo and the rest of the ingredients well.

            (Always mix the wet separately, THEN add to eggs)



5.  Now add it all together and you have Egg Salad!  And it’s really good.




Here is the Recipe without the pictures for scroll-less viewing.


1.  Boil the Eggs using my foolproof (almost) method

2.  Slice or Chop the Eggs

3.  Put Eggs and Olives in a mixing bowl

4.  Mix the Mayo and the rest of the ingredients well.

            (Always mix the wet separately, THEN add to eggs)

5.  Now add it all together and you have Egg Salad