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I saw this on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives and had to make it.  I’m really glad I did because it is delicious!  This comes from a restaurant in PittsburghIf you are Paleo you can use any of those new Paleo noodls or zuchinni noodles instead.  It’s also good without any noodles at all.



What You Need:

2                      Onions, chopped

1          head    Cabbage, chopped

1          lb.        Bacon, diced and cooked

1          bag      Curly Egg Noodles

2          tsp.      Granulated Garlic

4          TB        Buter



What You Do:

1.  Cook the Egg Noodles and set aside

2.  Boil Cabbage about 5 min., till crisp-tender

3.  Melt the Butter and cook Onions and 1 tsp. Garlic for about 10 min.

4.  Add Cabbage and cook 10-15 min.  Until caramelized.

5.  Add Noodles, Bacon, 1 tsp. Garlic and salt to taste.

6.  Stir this around and cook 5 -10 more minutes.