I’m basically interested in Stuff and Everything.  There are no limits to what I am curious about in this world.   I do have a few main areas of interest being Food, Eating Well, Technology, Teaching, Speaking, Geography, Travel, Photography, Writing, Humor, etc.

I am most concerned with food though and have been a relentless advocate for
healthy eating since 1980.  It was that year that I found myself suddenly on my
own and needing to be able to cook cheaply for myself.  I went to the local health
food store and made the lady running it tell me everything she could.   I knew I
would be able to get things cheaply and in bulk.  She helped me with a lot of information that has been valuable to this day.  She also became a very good friend and I am Godfather to her now-grown son.

I got more interested in the food than in the eating, meaning I didn’t want to just stuff my face and get full, I wanted to find out about the food and see what I could do with it.  So I taught myself to cook Spaghetti Sauce and Vegetarian Chile since I couldn’t afford any meat.  Then I went on to making my own fried rice and I never looked back.

I have always been “the guy who eats weird” when I take my lunch to work which is almost every day.  But people always come around and want to know more about it especially when they, or a relative is forced to be on a special diet for medical reasons.  Being in Mississippi has really been interesting since people here are tied to their southern cooking.  But the people are good and very nice and we all get along.  Especially when then find out I don’t mind some good barbecue ribs or a big hamburger once in a while.

This blog is really just a place for me to keep my recipes so it’s pretty no-frills but it makes it easy for me to find stuff when i need it.  I’ve made all of these recipes except where noted, and can personally vouch for tastiness.


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