Luigi’s Italian Sausage

Meat - Pork - Italian Sausage 2013-07-20 (8)



What You Need:

1          lb.        Sausage

2          tsp.      Red Pepper

2          tsp.      Fennell Seed

½         tsp.      Granulated Garlic

¼          tsp       Black Pepper

½         tsp.      Ground Oregano


What You Do:

1.  Put the Sausage in a hot pan and chop with spoon

2.  Add the seasonings and keep chopping.

3.  Get it nice and brown by turning up the heat if you need to.


That’s it!  Now you can:

·         Mix it with your eggs

·         Mix it with veggies for breakfast

·         Stuff a pepper with it and some rice and toms

·         Sprinkle it on a salad


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