Easy Cauliflower Curry

Vegetarian - Cauliflower Curry (10)


I sometimes make the Moosewood Vegetable Curry (which I am posting right after this one) because it is great and tastes authentic.  Problem is, I don’t live in India and make Curry all the time so it doesn’t come naturally for me to have the spices and put them together.  So I go to our Indian grocery right here in Jackson MS and get a pre-made curry powder that I like.  I use that and it makes it a whole lot easier. 


This is the recipe I use when I just want to have some curry or we’ve bought a cauliflower with totally good intentions but need to cook it before it goes bad.  This is really easy but delivers a big payoff.  I put down 1 Tablespoon of Curry Powder because everyone is different.  I usually use two.


What You Will Need:

2          TB       Oil

1 ½      c.         Onions (chopped)

1          lg.        Cauliflower (broken into pieces)

1                      Carrot (sliced or chopped)

1          c.         Garbonzo Beans (optional but worth it)

1 ½      c.         Frozen Green Peas

1+        TB       Curry Powder (try to get this from an Indian

                                    or Oriental grocery)Vegetarian - Cauliflower Curry (11)

1          tsp.      Salt

1          c.         Water

                        Rice to Serve on


For Garnishing



Mint Leaves


Chutney (if you happen to have it)


What You Do:

1.  Heat the Oil in a large sauté pan (or whatever)

2.  Saute the Onions, then Carrots, then Cauliflower

            (5 min. each time)

3.  Add the ‘Bonzos, Green Peas, Curry and Salt. 

(Saute about 4-5 min.)

4.  Add the water, cover and let simmer about 30 min.

            (You may need to add some water if it is uncovered)

5.  Adjust seasonings

6.  Serve over rice.

7.  Add Garnishes.


Vegetarian - Cauliflower Curry (9)


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