Pineapple Sage


We’ve grown Pineapple Sage for many years and really love the way it looks.  It flowers in the fall so the first picture is a “before” and the last one an “after”.  Or really, more correctly, a “now” picture.



This is What it Looked like Early this Spring






It is native to Mexico and Guatemala and has probably already flowered there.  It attracts butterflies and hummingbirds.  Unfortunately, it is in our back yard and we rarely go in our backyard because we might get eaten alive by mosquitos.  (Not really this time of year but the fear never really goes away).  The leaves have a faint pineapple scent and can be used in teas to treat high blood pressure – at least that what I read on the internets.  It’s supposed to be an annual but it has come back two years in a row so I get I jus’ got me some good soil around here.




This is what it looked like last week!














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