Man Pleasing Chicken

This recipe comes from via my wife who found it and now makes it quite frequently.  The name does not come from me, it is what WITC calls it because that was what it did the first time she made it.  It is very easy and her picture is much better than mine.  Oops. 


Thing is, you NEED to make this recipe and see how easy it is then make sure you make sure you always have the Dijon, Maple and Rice Wine Vinegar then all you’ll need is the chicken.  Easy.






What You Will Need:

1          pkg      Chicken Thighs (6 in a package)

½         c.         Dijon Mustard

¼         c.         Maple Syrup

1          TB       Rice Wine Vinegar (or whatever)

                        Fresh Rosemary (optional)

                        Salt and Pepper (to taste)




What You Do:

1.  Mix the Mustard, Maple and Vinegar

2.  Salt and Pepper the Chicken

3.  Put the Chicken in a Lasagna Dish

4.  Cover the Chicken with the sauce

5.  Cook at 375 Degrees for 40 Minutes.

6.  Take out of oven.

7.  Sprinkle with Fresh Rosemary


A Recipe like this shows you that you can come up with your own types of easy chicken dishes.  You could add BBQ Sauce or make a nice marinara to put over it and brown some cheese on it at the end. 



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