Basic Meatloaf – Quick and Easy





This is a basic meatloaf recipe, one you can whip together really fast and add it to your repertoire.  This is a DIY recipe – you can memorize this so you can just make it any time.


Keep in mind that you can alter the amounts of the spices and seasonings to suit your taste.  You can also add some green peppers or use fresh garlic.


What I do:  I heat a small frying pan on the stove before I make the meatloaf.  After I’ve made it, I fry up a tiny piece to see what it will taste like.  If it needs salt then I add salt.  If I’m feeling frisky I might add some chili powder and some cumin for a southwestern taste.



What You Need:

1          lb.        Ground Beef

1                      Egg

½         c.         Bread Crumbs (your choice)

1          sm.      Onion (diced) (about 1 cup)

½         c.         Salsa or Chile Sauce

1          tsp.      Oregano

½         tsp.      Basil

1          tsp.      Garlic (Granulated or whatever)

½         tsp.      Black Pepper



What You Do:

1.  Preheat the oven to 350 Degrees

2.  Take off any rings you are wearing.

3.  Mix all the ingredients together.

4.  Line a cookie sheet or lasagna dish with foil

5.  Form into a loaf and put on the foil

6.  Cook in the oven for about an hour.



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