Chicken Adobo

This is a real easy and flavorful dish to make that people really love.  It is a very common dish in the Philippines so I hear and I can see why.  One of those dishes that is simple but very good.  You can serve this to friends and they will want the recipe. 


What You Can Do Ahead of Time:

1. Make the marinade

2. Slice the onions and Peppers


What You Need For Marinade:

1              c.             White Wine Vinegar

1              c.             Soy Sauce

½             c.             Honey or Maple Syrup

4              cl.            Garlic Crushed

¾             tsp          Red Pepper Flakes

2              Bay         Leaves


What You Need:

1 ½         lbs         Chicken

½                            Onion (sliced)

1                             Red Pepper  (sliced)

½             c.           Chicken broth


What You Do:

1.  Add all the ingredients for marinade together

2.  Add the Chicken and Marinade for 2 hours

3.  Brown the Chicken in a sauté pan

4.  Add the Onions and Peppers and cook for about 10 minutes

5.  Add the marinade back in and simmer for about 30 minutes



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