Barley Vegetable Soup

 Soup - Barley Vegetable

Now of course, most recipes have a better name than that.  I mean, barley soup?  Surely I could do better than that.  Well I could but I wanted to show you that it is easy to make stuff if you just know a little bit about how different items cook.  


I wanted to use the barley in our cupboard (because we need to keep our grocery bill low this week) but I wanted to make something from my own head instead of going through the chore of following someone else’s recipe.


Here is what I already knew:

            1. Barley takes 35 to 45 minutes to cook.

            2. Barley likes beef and tomatoes and dill

            3. I wanted veggies


So here is what I did.  I gathered some veggies together to sauté. 




            Frozen Corn

            Frozen Lima beans


I sautéed the veggies in the order given then added some seasoning.




            Garlic Powder




I cooked that then added:

            About 1 ½ cups of barley

            1 can crushed tomatoes

            1 ½ boxes of beef broth


Brought it to a boil then simmered about 45 min.

Presto!   I have lunches for this week that are filling and nutritious.


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