Basic White Sauce

This is a basic white sauce that you can use in hundreds of other recipes.  I mostly use it in casseroles but it can lead to other sauces.  It is considered a “Mother” Sauce because other sauces are made from it.

Sauce - Basic White Sauce

What You will Need:

  • 2          TB        Flour
  • 2          TB        Butter
  • 1          c.         Milk
  •                         Salt and Pepper




What You Do:

1.  Melt the Butter in a small sauce pan

2.  Add the flour and whisk for about 5 minutes. 

            (This takes the raw taste out of the flour)

3.  Add the milk a little at a time and cook and whisk until

            it is smooth and thickened ( 5 min.)

4. Add salt and pepper as desired



To make it thicker, start with 3 TB of butter and flour.

To make it thinner, start with 1 TB of butter and flour.

You can easily make multiples of this recipe just add more flour or mild as desired.




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