Basic, Easy Pesto

 2013-10-27 19.52.23

Pesto is just a bunch of Basil leaves in Olive Oil, Garlic and Parmesan Cheese that  is used all over Italy.  But that is also like saying that Spaghetti is just tomatoes and herbs.  Both can be basic to learn but you can spend years making them different or just perfecting one that you like. 




I know cold weather is coming so I wanted to get my basil inside…of me.  That means pesto!  I got my ingredients together then went to the front yard to harvest the basil.  BTW – basil is really easy to grow and you should grow some because you can add a few leaves to a salad or soup and really jazz it up.  So I’m harvesting the basil when something stings me!  And it hurt!  Black widow spiders are common in the South so I knew that was what got me since I was up in the basil stalk where a spider might live.  Then I remembered that they live in dark dank places and not up in no basil.  We figured it was the little bees we’ve been seeing lately and he must have fallen asleep in the leaves – because they do that!  Just right there!  We’ll see big ‘ol bumble bees asleep in the flowers.  I mean, come on man, get to work!

Which it did.  It stung me.


Oh well, worse things have happened so I went in, put some ice on it (at my wife’s suggestion) and went on and made the basil.  Here is what I did:



What You Need

2              c.             Tightly packed basil leaves

1/3         c.             Olive Oil

1/3         c.             Parmesan Cheese

1/3         c.             Walnuts or Pine Nuts

4              cl.            Garlic (I put in a lot more than that)

                                Salt and Pepper


What You Do

1. Put it all in the food processor.

2. Adjust to your own taste

3. Slather it on some hot pasta and your got yourself a meal!


2013-10-27 20.00.04


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