Green Pepper Lasagna


Oh man!  This is really good and easy to eat and fun for everyone.  It’s also Paleo and Gluten-free so a lot of people will want to make this because, to me, it’s as good as lasagna made with noodles.  The caveat to that is that I’ve been pretty much wheat-free for most of 2013 so I don’t miss having the starch.  I’ve made lasagna with zucchini noodles and like that as well but this is so – compact and fits well on a plate.  You are going to need 4 things to assemble the lasagna:  The cheese filling, the meat filling, the peppers and shredded cheese for melting on top.  The key is to prepare the first 3 ahead of time.  Like a day or so ahead of time.  Each one is easy to make but if you do them all on the same cooking shift you might think this is difficult just because of the different steps.  Work smart and you’ll enjoy cooking more.

What You Will Need:

For the Cheese Filling:

·         1              c.             ricotta cheese

·         1              c.             cottage cheese

·         ½             c.             parmesan cheese

·         Garlic powder, salt, pepper, honey, parsley

For the Meat Sauce

·         1              lb.           Ground beef or whatever you like

·         ½             med.     Onion – chopped             

·         2              c.(+-)     Tomato Sauce – Either homemade or store bought

The Rest

·         3              lg.           Green Peppers

·         1              c.             Shredded Cheese


What You Do:

For the Cheese Mixture

1.       Mix all the cheese filling ingredients together and shove in the fridge.

For the Meat Mixture

1.       Sautee the onions  and ground beef and drain when done.

2.       Add sauce to meat onions.  Simmer until thick and meaty.  Shove in fridge.

For the Peppers

1.       Halve and seed the peppers.  Cook in oven on 375 for about 20 min.  Shove in fridge.

Assemble, Cook and Enjoy

1.       Take everything out of the fridge.

2.       Turn oven on to 400.  Line a baking sheet with foil.

3.       Lay peppers on sheet like little boats.  Alternate beef/cheese mixture/beef.  Top with shredded


4.       Bake for 25 or 30 min.  Everything is already cooked so you just want to get everything blended

together and browned on top.


That’s it!  Now sit back and enjoy rave reviews.


I tried to break this down so it would be easy to make in parts then just assemble.  I know it can look like a lot but if you just do each one at different times it will make your life very pleasant.





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