Getting the List Done

I make lists.  I have to.  I can’t keep it all straight otherwise. What I don’t like is I’ll make a list on a sheet of paper then forget the sheet of paper (1. Remember List was actually on the list).  Or I’ll make a list for work and put it in the tasks on my Google calendar then never open the calendar because basically all my days are the same, pretty easy to remember to go to work then come home.

But I need my lists and I need to prioritize them which is really hard with paper when you put all the “must do now” items at the top then later on remember another one and it has to go at the bottom or above the list which never looks good.


I was on StumbleUpon today and, well, stumbled upon a review for Workflowy.  I had never heard of it so when it said it would help me organize my brain with lists I was hooked and went to see what it was about.  I downloaded it and immediately made 4 major lists that had sublists to them that were expandable and collapsible.  Pretty cool.  There isn’t a whole lot to it but what there is seems to be what I need to get organized.  I’m trying it now and really like it so thought I’d share.



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