Farmer’s Market Meal

Since we live in beautiful Mississippi, we get to go to the Farmer’s Market early in the year.  The weather has been fantastically cool (sorry, northerners) so it has been nice to get out and go to the market.  There’s a couple of big one’s in downtown Jackson but we go to a stand closer to our house. 

Someone had told us that the tomatoes were really good.  We can’t grow tomatoes this time of year so they come from Florida.  I went up there the other day just to get tomatoes and came back with tomatoes, peas, corn, green tomatoes (to fry later), little new potatoes, a cantaloupe of all things, some hot chiles, red peppers and some other things I can’t remember. 

What better to do with these fine vegetables than to cook them as simply as you can and let the vegetables speak for themselves.    It was a very simple meal but very satisfying.

Farmer's Market Dinner (2)

The potatoes were creamy and earthy, the tomatoes were sweet and juicy and just needed some salt and pepper.  The peas, after I burned a small batch in the microwave (don’t ask), were tender and sweet.  The corn, well let’s just say don’t by corn in May – no matter where it comes from.  Some things are best left to their natural time.

Overall we were sated and happy with our first Farmers’ Market meal of the season.


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  1. Yummy!!

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