Mexican Chicken w/ Rick Bayless ….. Kinda

We have this chicken we need to cook and I need some meals for the upcoming week since I have such a nutty schedule these days.  I work mornings some days, afternoons most days, and evenings a couple of days.  So I have to make sure I have food that is ready or near-ready so I don’t spend all my time making food when I’m rushed in the mornings. 

So I get to thinking about the chicken and what I could do with it.  I had just ready someon else’s blog post about chicken tacos so I let that run around in my head.  I wanted to use ingredients that we already had so I looked in the fridge.  Not much.  1 red pepper and some mushrooms.  Sounded good though with some onions, until I smelled the mushrooms.  Ok. Peppers and onions and I found some zucchini that I would add at the last minute.

I was going to make a sauce for the chicken when my wife reminded me that we had some Rick Bayless Tomatillo-Cilantro sauce for shrimp and seafood.  Chicken counts, doesn’t it?  So I decided to use it as the final sauce.

So the point here is that there really isn’t a recipe, that I’m just putting stuff together and it’s pretty darn easy.

I made a marinade for the chicken:

                                Oil – about ¾ c. maybe

                                Lime Juice – two limes

                                Smoked Paprika



                                Salt and Pepper


I put the cubed chicken and the marinade in a plastic bag and let it sit for 30 min.


I started the potatoes and some onions in one pan and seasoned as I went.  The potatoes had already been partially boiled so I knew it wouldn’t take forever.


Cooked the onions and red pepper til soft and removed from pan.


Mexican Chicken with Pan-Roasted Potatoes (3)     Mexican Chicken with Pan-Roasted Potatoes (2)


Cooked the chicken in the same frying pan to sear it.  Wasn’t really successful with searing but the chicken WAS cooked just not crispy brown like I was hoping.

 Mexican Chicken with Pan-Roasted Potatoes (4)


I added the RBTC sauce and the zucchini and a little water and let it cook for about 10 min.  Seasoned with some salt and pepper and we had a delicious meal.  And it was easy! 


Mexican Chicken with Pan-Roasted Potatoes (5)        Mexican Chicken with Pan-Roasted Potatoes


Go get inspired and just cook something from your heart.  Forget the recipes (sometimes!) and just see what comes up. 


One response to “Mexican Chicken w/ Rick Bayless ….. Kinda

  1. This looks delicious. Love the idea of cooking from the heart and not needing to rely on a recipe!

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