Who’d a Thunk It?

Eating smart can be so EASY!  I was getting hungry and wanted something for lunch.  I need to make some Kung Pao chicken and some Cabbage Beef Salad but when I opened the door I saw some cooked cabbage and some taco meat I had left over from a lunch at work yesterday.  I thought about how cabbage and beef go together but not necessarily Mexican-inspired beef and cabbage.  Why can’t they, I thought to my self?  Cumin and Chili Powder are not unknown to other cultures and although I have not run across a cooked cabbage recipe in a Mexican cookbook, I thought that these too items should get to know each other. 


So into the pan they went! 


I fried the cabbage in a little bit of butter then added the beef.  Easy.  And I know where all the food came from which is always a plus and is darned-near a must.  Why would I NOT know where my food came from? 

Result?  Delicious and it filled me up to go out and get some things done.  Be easy on yourself and eat the food that is already in your fridge even though it might seem strange at first.  Heck, we look pretty strange at first but (most of us) come out looking pretty good.

2013-04-12 11.26.01

Ok, so it’s kind of ugly but it shore did taste good!


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