Potatoes & Cabbage for Breakfast

This is a simple dish that really hits the spot.  I always like to have boiled potatoes in the fridge to make quick hashbrowns or to heat up with some onions and put on a salad with some lemon greek dressing.  Good stuff.  We were just hungry this morning and I know I could whip this up pretty fast.  Usually I’ll cook this with onions but we have some bacon in the fridge so I cooked that first to add for a little flavor.  I like knowing that I can make a simple yet satifying dish from ingredients that I have on hand and that aren’t processed.

So all I did for this was to fry the bacon


I took it out and added the potatoes and cabbage


Then when they were good and browned I added the bacon, some salt and pepper and it was done.


This is really easy to make so I hope you try it and impress your friends and family.


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