Day 1

Weight:     169.2 pounds
B/P            150/89

We started our family low-carb diet today.  It’s the one by Linda Gassenheimer where you do the first two-weeks with almost no carbs then you can ad them in starting the  third week.  Got through this day ok.  Made some curried chicken salad, asian broccoli and some cole slaw.  That’s all I ate today.

For obvious reasons I’m not including my family’s weight progress but I will say that Mom and two daughters got through the first day without cheating. This is something we all want to do but for different reasons.  I want to do it to get rid of this extra belly fat I’ve been carrying around since last summer.  I had a colonoscopy in July and ever since I’ve developed this belly that won’t go away with just eating good food.

Ok, I’ve been eating burgers and fries and some other bad stuff but I only did that when I felt like I had lost a few pounds and could afford it.  You know how that goes.  So now we are following this diet just to have some kind of discipline to get us to where we want to be.  I want to lose about 10 pounds, the problem is that my weight fluctuates between 163 and 167 on any day that I don’t know which number to start from. This morning, I weighed 169 so that would put me at 159 for 10 lbs.  I guess I want to just feel good and be ok with taking my shirt off while doing yard work or going to the beach.




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